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Thunder Bay – Amenities


Please note: Due to COVID-19, not all services or facilities may be available during your stay. 

Located on each floor of Sibley Hall, our lounges are a great option for break-out rooms or a hospitality suite. These rooms can either be set-up boardroom style or casual lounge style to suite your needs.

On-site Laundry and Cooking Appliances
Our on-site laundry facilities allow you to be prepared for life’s little emergencies or clean up for the next “big game”. Also available for your convenience are basic cooking appliances available in our first floor lounge.

Multipurpose Room
Utilize our multipurpose room which comes complete, leather couches, chairs and tables to keep you relaxed and busy after a long day.

Outdoor Patio with Barbeque Facilities
Tired after a long day? Enjoy the evening while barbequing on our patio and enjoy the view of Mt. McKay.


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