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Tips for Planning a Group Trip

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Travelling as a group tends to require a little more planning than when you travel solo or as a couple. After all, there are more people to accommodate, transport,  feed and entertain. Poor planning could leave you wishing you’d never taken the trip, but with the right planning, you’re sure to have a great time, develop lifelong memories, and build bonds with your travel companions, whether you’re travelling with friends, family or a sports team.

1. Set a Budget

It’s critical that everyone is comfortable with the amount you will spend on the trip. Agree on a budget for essentials like accommodation and the costs of activities you want to do together. If some group members are willing to spend more than others, consider including optional activities in your itinerary.

If you want to cook your own meals, it’s a good idea to have a shared ‘pot’ of money. This is less complicated than splitting grocery bills while at the store, and you can divide any leftover funds at the end of the trip.

2. Pick a Group ‘Leader’

As much as you may like to involve everyone in the planning process, this is an unrealistic expectation. A better option is to choose the most organized person or the member of the group with the most travel experience.

An alternative to having a single leader is to give a few different people specific roles, according to their strengths. For example, one person could be in charge of transport, another accommodation, and another activities. Before coming to any final decisions, the group leader or leaders should discuss the plans with the group.

You will probably find that most of your travel companions are perfectly happy with this arrangement. After all, there are people who love planning and people who would rather follow someone else’s lead.

3. Plan Everything in Advance

When you travel alone, you can leave certain things to the last minute. You can even book your transportation late, such as choosing a destination according to what cheap flights are available. This is impossible with a group. Booking transportation as early as possible will allow you to find the best deals and ensure that you are all able to travel together. If you are going by bus or train, you may even find group discounts.

Next, pick your place to stay. A hotel alternative like RCC Ottawa West is best, as it allows everyone to stay together while giving you more space and other amenities that you won’t find at traditional hotels.

Finally, plan the details. For example, decide if you will need a mode of transportation because it’s usually necessary to book large vehicles early. If possible, though, it’s better to pick a destination with a good public transit system.

Ottawa is a top destination for group travel. No matter the time of year, there is plenty to see and do — for everyone! If you’re looking for great accommodations for your group, RCC Ottawa West is an Ottawa airport hotel alternative with spacious suites, cooking facilities, and an outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy your meals. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your group.


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