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How to Pack for an Extended Work Trip

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When you travel often for work, you become an expert at packing for short trips. An extended stay, however, requires completely different considerations. Packing well will eliminate the need to purchase items when you’re away from home. It’s also important to avoid bringing too much — this will only be inconvenient for the journey.

1. Pack a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe allows you to combine pieces of clothing to create countless looks. This enables you to pack far fewer items of clothing, but you won’t need to repeat the same outfit over and again. Throw in a few accessories to really differentiate your outfits.

You are more likely to be able to combine clothing if you stick to just neutral tones. Black is always a top choice, but other options include blue, navy, white, grey, taupe, brown, and even mustard.

2. Bring Sufficient Shoes

A common mistake is to forget to increase the number of shoes you take on a long trip. Pack one or two more pairs than you would for a regular trip. More shoes will give your outfits more variety.

3. Choose Durable

Shoes and clothing all need to be durable. Wearing the same pieces often means you will need clothing that can hold up, at least until the end of your trip. You can help extend the life of your clothing by limiting how often you do laundry. Keep your work clothing clean and ready to use again by changing clothes as soon as you get back to your accommodation.

4. Plan for Free Time

On an extended trip, it’s normal to have more time to yourself. Be sure to bring whatever you need for hobbies and your favourite activities. For instance, if you like to work out, pack running shoes. If you enjoy reading, don’t forget your e-reader — this is much more space-efficient than bringing books!

5. Mail Yourself Fresh Clothes

For an especially long time away from home, it could be more cost effective to ask a family member to send you fresh clothes halfway through the trip. You can then pack and send back the clothes you no longer want to wear.

6. Consider All Eventualities

Without going overboard, think about the items you might need. If you wear glasses, bring a spare pair. If you want to avoid having to stay inside in poor weather, pack a raincoat and/or an umbrella.

7. Make Your Room Feel More Like Home

Although you have limited space, you still should bring something that reminds you of home. You may not usually experience homesickness, but on a long trip it’s more likely. A simple framed picture or a treasured object can help keep your spirits up.

Don’t forget, an extended stay means you will also require different accommodation. Ottawa visitors have the option of RCC Ottawa West. Designed for long trips, our hotel alternative is more comfortable and affordable than a traditional hotel. For instance, there’s free WiFi throughout the building, cooking and laundry facilities onsite, and two lounges where you can relax after a long day of work. For more information on staying at RCC Ottawa West during a work trip in Canada’s Capital, please contact us.


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